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1st Semester Chemical Technology Career Coursework

Section – 1644, Class – Process Technology 104 – Process Plant Safety, Units – 3

Section – 1650, Class – Chem. Tech. 111 – Applied Chemistry 1, Units – 5

Section – 1651, Class – Chem. Tech. 113 – Applied Chemistry Math 1, Units – 2

Section – 1745, Class – Physics 11 – Introductory Physics, Units – 4


L-R: Mr. David Jeffress, Ms. Renee Madyun, Dr. Vahak Harutunian




The Chemical Technology program at Los Angeles Trade Technical College has been in existence since 1968 and remains the only program of its kind on the West Coast of the United States.  LATTC’s Chemical Technology program in comprised of 40% theoretical and 60% practical training, which allows our students to obtain valuable career technical education  skills as well as high quality academics. Most of our courses are transferable into the California State University system. Our program has an exceptional employment rate, with graduates working for the department of toxicology, safety and environment inspectors, quality control/assurance executives, field water analysts, elementary school instructors and more!



Chemical Technology is on the top of the list of approved studies for the Veteran’s VRAP program, as well as many other programs that approve our course study. Becoming a Chemical Technician has such a wide array of forensic Labs

Oil Refineries





Research & Development

Quality Control Labs

Hydrogen Plants

Department Of Water & Power



Food and Beverage

Chemical Manufacturing


Chemical Laboratory Technicians

Every day we encounter products & services that are supported b the chemical industry. This industry is very large & diverse, providing support for petroleum processing, as wellas pharmaceutical, food & beverage, textile, plastic, paint, cosmetic, & many other areas of manufacturing. Chemical laboratory technicians play a key role in helping to provide products & services though chemical technology.


What is their work environment?

Typically,  chemical laboratory technicians work in research & development labs and/or analytical labs. Both types of labs contain complex & sophiscated intrumentation that chemical technicians are trained to use & maintain. Research & development laborties also have experimental work areas, such as benches that may be equipped with cooling water, natural gas, & vacuum pumps. Most labs place an emphasis on safety equipment that may include ventilation hoods, eye wash fountains, showers, specialized storage cabinets, fire equipment, & spill equipment. They also comply with waste managements & minimization practices.

Chem Techs at Work cryo tech



What skills do chemical companies expect technicians to have?

Employers value their technicians & often provide additional in-house training in specific areas to supplement their formal chemical technology training. Often, employers seek skills such as sampling & handling chemical materials, performing chemical & instrumental analysis, designing & conducting experiments, & synthesis compounds. In addition to technical knowledge, employers look for an individual’s adaptability; personal motivation; customer focus; & communication, organization, and teamwork skills.

Here at Los Angeles Trade Technical College, our professors who teach subjects in Chemical Technology have hands-on industry related experience. The following professors are truly committed to student success in the areas of Chemical Technology, Process Technology and Bio-manufacturing:   Renee Madyun, David Jeffries, Dr. Hartunian, Gustavo Acero, and Fred Padilla. See the Process Technology website for more information.


Techicians hold position with responsibilities that were once  only assigned to Ph.D.s and engineers. The fied is changing and expanding, and the demand for qualified technical workers will keep job opportunities growing.Particular strong areas of growth are the medical, biotechnology, & enviromental management & testing industries. Government laboratories will be tougher places to find jobs because of funding cutbacks & incentive programs fro retaining the present workforce. Demand for chemical technicians will continue to increase as automation, new products, & complex production process become more sophisticated in the chemical industries.



Chemical Technicians General Work Description

 Chemical Technicians work in every aspect of the chemical process industry, from basic research to hazardous waste management, or possibly as a research & development technician which work in experimental labs. Technicians operate many kinds of equipment & instrumentation, set up apparatus for chemical reactions, prepare compounds, monitor commercial production, test fo product quality, & collect &analyze samples produced through organic synthesis. They conduct a variet of laboratory procedures from routine process control complex research projects. Technicians also work in data management, quality control, & shipping to provide technical support & expertise for these functions.

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Honeywell Presented LATTC’s Chemical Technology and Process Technology Department with a Process Trainer to better prepare students for industry. Together we shared lunch with Honeywell’s finest. At this luncheon, our professionally trained students gave a demonstration of it’s operation.

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Science is everything and everywhere!

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