Under the Microscope with Chemical Technology 140!





Get up close and personal with a few good microbes in Chem Tech 140!

The chemical technology program is based in the theory that hands on equals experience. Everyday our students are introduced to a variety of real life industry applications.  Recently, microbiology for technicians has been added to our extensive curriculum.  Microbiology is of great importance in public safety. This is exhibited in our workshop on Waste Water sanitation where students are taught that bacteria help in the filtration process but can also be harmful if ingested.  Our microbiology for technicians class gives students all the valuable information they need to identify, inhibit and even prepare certain bacteria. They also learn industry techniques such as the aseptic technique, plating and gram staining.


Mr. Luis Durruty

It is extremely important that our professors have industry experience to prepare our students for the careers they are about to embark into. Mr. Durruty has dedicated over a decade of countless hours teaching our yearly waste water and sanitation workshop. His knowledge and experience made him the perfect choice when Microbiology became a permanent addition to the curriculum. He is a patient educator and devotes himself to providing students an educationally fulfilling experience. He has become implemental in the development of the chemical and process technology BIOMANUFACTORING CERTIFICATION.  It is with great pleasure our program works with professionals like Mr. Durruty, Department Of Sanitation and Wilshire/Worksource to help ensure our students the best opportunities available.

Good Bacteria

Good bacteria can include antibiotics and certain floura in our bodies

Bacteria are everywhere

Bacteria are everywhere as we found in CT140!             

How quickly it can spread

We also learned how quickly a small ontagion can become an epidemic!


We learned to identify various species of bacteria

UV light kills bacteria

Real experiments that make real sense.

A positive test for E. Coli

Certain Bacteria will react to certain pigments of color