Q.             Where can I purchase a parking permit?

A.              Parking permits can be purchased in the Business Office located on the first floor of Juniper Hall.

Q.             Where do I go to enroll for classes??

A.              Bridges to Success Center in Mariposa Hall.

Q.             What time does the Sheriff’s Office close?

A.              The Sheriff’s Office is opened 24/7.

Q.             How can I contest a parking ticket?

A.              Citation appeal forms can be obtained inside the Sheriff’s Office on campus or downloaded from LATTC’s web page under- Sheriff’s Department / Parking Information.

Q.             Where are ATM’s located on campus?

A.              Cedar Hall & the Cafeteria.

Q.             Where can I smoke cigarettes?

A.              Designated smoking areas are specified on the Downloadable Campus Map PDF.  You are in violation of Assembly Bill AB846 if you smoke within 20 feet of main entrances, exits, and operable windows of any building owned, leased, and occupied by the state, county, or city, and buildings of the University of California (UC), California State University (CSU), and California community colleges. (Those in violation may be issued a citation for the violation).

Q.             Can I smoke marijuana on campus if I possess a medical marijuana card?

A.              No.  Those found in violation will face the full extent of the law.

Q.             What are the differences between “General” parking & “Preferred” parking?

A.              General: Allows you to park in the Glory Church Lot & the Grand Lot located at Grand & 18th St.

Preferred: Allows you to park in the Olive Street Parking Structure & the Roof Lot.

Q.             Can those attending court park in the Olive Street Parking Structure?

A.              No.  Parking in the O.S.P.S. if for staff and students only. (LATTC Visitors- Must have a valid visitors parking permit displayed in their window.  LATTC visitor passes can be obtained in the Sheriff’s Office).

Q.             How do I contest a parking ticket?

A.              Citation appeal forms can be obtained inside the campus Sheriff’s Office (D-150)  or on-line from the Campus Sheriff’s page on LATTC’s website under “Parking Information.”

Q.             Do I need a parking permit to park my motorcycle on campus?

A.              No, motorcycles park for free and MUST park in the designated motorcycle stalls.

Q.             What are the differences between campus Sheriff’s & campus Security?

A.              The campus Sheriff Deputies have police powers to arrest.  The campus Security Officers work for the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. They are armed and have the powers to detain regarding suspicious activity.

Q.             What are the requirements to become a campus Police Cadet?

A.              You must have 12 units and a GPA of 2.0 or higher (Applications can be obtained in the Sheriff’s Office – Cypress Hall/ D-150).

Q.             Are all LACCD Staff/Student parking permits valid at L.A.T.T.C. 

A.              Yes, LATTC honors all valid LACCD Staff/Student parking permits.