About the Online Student Information System (SIS)

Did You Know…The Student Information System (SIS) provides access to all 9 colleges within the Los Angeles Community College District. With SIS,  students can view holds, pay fees, view grades, register for or drop classes, and conduct other transactions.

Below are the steps to access the system from LATTC’s website.

1. Go to “www.lattc.edu
2. Click, “Register Now”, located at the top

a. Enter the following: Your SID (881234567) or SSN(123456789) & PIN (MMDD).  Your PIN is your birth month and date (for example, if you were born January 7th, your pin is 0107)

b. Click, “Submit.

c. Once you are logged into the system, select an option on the right to add/drop classes, view your  registration date, view grades, pay fees, etc.

Frequently Used Options

Ø  View Reg Appt.: To view your Registration Appointment date and time. You must have an appointment date to add classes.  You can only register for classes anytime on or after your registration appointment date. If you do not have a registration date, contact Admissions and Records at (213) 763-5300 or on campus in Juniper Hall, Lobby.

Ø  View Placement: To view your Mathematics, English, or English as a Second Language (ESL) assessment test results.

Ø  Registration: To add or drop classes. You will need the four digit section number for each class (see class schedule). You may only add or drop one class at a time. Click “Registration” each time you wish to add or drop a class.

In this example, “1600” is the section number:

Example:  1600  lec    07:00am-08:25am    MW   STAFF 

Ø  View Grades: To view grades.  Note: you cannot receive your grades in the Admissions Office.  Grades can only be viewed through the online system.

Ø  View Schedule: To view your class schedule for any semester.

Ø  View and Pay Fees: To view and pay fees owed, purchase parking permit. Please remember that health fees are mandatory and are not covered by the fee waiver.

Ø  Transcripts (Unofficial): View and print a copy of your unofficial transcripts.  Official transcripts will need to be requested through Admissions and Records, ST-Lobby.

Ø  View Holds: To view holds (such as unpaid fees) on your records.  In order to register for classes or to receive transcripts, you will need to first clear all holds.

Ø  Financial Aid: To view your financial aid award.

Ø  View Subject: To view available open class sections.