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PLEASE CHECK YOUR CLASSES CAREFULLY: Prerequisites/Co-requisites are strictly enforced at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College! 

Want to take a course with a prerequisite? You can satisfy a prerequisite several ways:

1. Take the prerequisite course at Trade-Tech or another college in the District and achieve a grade of “C” or better, so that it shows on your transcript;

2. Provide proof that you’ve successfully completed the requirement(s) at another college. You can bring official transcripts or assessment scores from another school to the Matriculation Department and they will be reviewed. Please provide the Matriculation with a copy of your proof. If your course is approved, you’ll be given a clearance to register. Please note: Prerequisite Clearance may take up to 10 business days.

3. Take a test-known as a challenge exam-to show that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully prepare you for the course you want to take; Please submit challenge exam one month prior to the start of the term you plan to take the course.

4. If the course you want to take has an assessment test scores as prerequisite, you’ll need to visit the Assessment Center and complete the required test. Your score will then be given to you, and the prerequisites(s) will be cleared once you receive a copy of your placement score(s).

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact the Assessment Center at (213) 763-75339 (MA01).

Challenge Process

Prerequisites, co-requisites/concurrent enrollment requirements must be followed (for definitions of these terms, see below). If you do not agree with the requirement made by the faculty, you have the right to challenge. Contact the Matriculation Department for the challenge process procedures and form. Once a challenge form is submitted, the committee will review your request and documentation. You will be notified within five (5) working days of the final decision.

Prerequisite Corequisite Clearance Form- If you want to challenge a prerequisite or co-requisite, i.e., you have not met the necessary prerequisite conditions but believe you should be allowed into the class anyway, you can challenge it if:

1. The prerequisite has not been made reasonably available;

2. The prerequisite is not valid because it is not necessary for success in the course you want to take;

3. The prerequisite is discriminatory or applied in a discriminatory manner;

4. You believe you have the knowledge or ability to succeed in the class without the prerequisite.

If you believe any of the above is true, you have the right to challenge the prerequisite or co-requisite. To obtain a Challenge Form, please visit the Assessment Center and follow their directions.

Course Pre_Corequisite Challenge Application

For more information on the Challenge Process/Prerequisites and testing hours, please click here for Assessment Center.

Defined Terms 

Recommended Preparation/Advisories: Recommended preparation advisories are classes or skills you are advised to have.

Co-requisite/Concurrent Enrollment: This is a faculty requirement of a class that must be taken simultaneously with another class to maximize your success.

Prerequisites: There are classes or skills you must complete with a grade of “C” or better prior to enrolling in the class. The faculty for the discipline made these requirements because they feel it is necessary for successful completion of the course.

Conditional Enrollment: Students may conditionally enroll in a course for the next semester/term while currently enrolled in the prerequisite course. Students who do not successfully pass (with a grade of “C” or better) the prerequisite course, they will be administratively excluded/dropped from the advanced course.