Free Speech Policy and Forms


The college has two Free Speech Areas on the campus where there is normal flow of student traffic and with unlimited accessibility. Both areas are clearly highlighted on the map on the back of this form. The Free Speech areas are open to anyone that wishes to freely express themselves, distribute literature, and obtain signatures for petitions, referendums, recalls, and initiatives. Please note:

No restrictions will be placed on subject matter or viewpoints expressed and as long as all of the rules below are observed. (EC: 76120, Board Rule: 9902)

Time restrictions may apply on the use of the Free Speech Areas, in order to ensure that all persons are given equal access. (Board Rule: 9902)

Los Angeles Trade Technical College will not provide tables and chairs or any other equipment/supplies to those who wish to use the Free Speech Areas.

Therefore, the following must be observed* at the Free Speech Areas during your stay:

  • Do not engage in speech that is obscene, libelous, or slanderous according to current legal standards
  • Do not engage in speech that creates a clear and present danger of the commission ofunlawful acts on community college premises
  • Do not disrupt the orderly operation of the college
  • Do not litter
  • Do not expand you activities outside the geographical limits of the Free Speech Areas
  • Do not impede the progress of passerby/force and or coerce passerby into taking theproffered material
  • Do not use means of sound amplification
  • Do not touch or strike a passerby except for incidental/accidental contact, or contactinitiated by a passerby
  • Do not solicit any type of donations through direct request of funds, sales of tickets orotherwise (unless Non-Profit or approved ASO Club/Organization)

Fill and Sign Request Form for Freedom of Speech Area

Free Speech Form