Student Services SLOs

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) & Student Area Outcomes (SAOs)

  1. The Student Services Division provides support services to a diverse student population consistent with the mission of the college.
  2. The Student Services Division provides an environment for our students that enhance personal and civic responsibility, aesthetic opportunities, shared governance and life-long learning enhancement.
  3. The Student Services Division supports a student-centered learning environment which provides state-of-the-art technology access regardless of service location or delivery method.
  4. The Student Services Division focuses on equitable access for enrollment, orientation, special services, counseling and guidance and a progress-driven environment.
  5. The Student Services Division utilizes various research-driven processes and informational data to assist in planning and to create a culture of evidence.
  6. Student Services Programs are designed to maintain appropriate levels of services that will support and enhance student understanding and appreciation of diversity.
  7. Student Services Programs continually re-evaluates retention and persistent strategies that will enhance early alert programs and tutorial services.