Electronics Communications


Program Overview

This program covers, circuit analysis of several complete FM systems. By completing the certificate and/or degree, students will be able to pass the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Examination. In addition, by fulfilling the program requirements, students are proficient in the operation of AM/FM Transmitters and can trouble shoot AM/FM Receivers as well as install C Band, K/U Band, and digital satellites systems (DSS). Students will also have an understating of cordless phones, microwave receivers/transmitters, and cell phone systems

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

Upon completion of the Degree/Certificate program, students are able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of reading electronic symbols and schematic diagrams.
  • Perform mathematical calculations and measurements related to electronics circuit analysis.
  • Demonstrate basic understanding of semiconductors devices, digital circuits, and electronics communications theory.


Degree and Certificates

Award Title



Grad. Plan

Required Course Units

Major Elective Units

Total Major Units Gainful Employment
Electronics Communications A.S. Plan B




Electronics Communications




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