Weatherization Training Center

The LATTC Weatherization Training Center (WTC) provides much-needed training in weatherization and energy efficiency to meet the training needs of the Greater Los Angeles area. The goal of the WTC is to provide short-term industry-recognized training for entry-level weatherization and energy efficiency professionals. We are committed to providing workers with the requisite skills and expertise for green occupations and industries in Southern California.  The WTC provides a classroom and laboratory environment whereby students can learn through hands-on experience coupled with discussion, demonstration and audiovisual presentations.

The LATTC Weatherization Training Center provides Department of Community Services and Development (CSD) and the US Department of Energy (DOE) trainings.

Training Modules

Basic Weatherization

The training provides individuals with a working knowledge of the process of weatherization.  The focus will be on construction terminology, the primary weatherization measures, and the recommended installation procedures and techniques.  Instruction of lead safe practices as well as hands-on applications and practice will be provided.

Blower Door/Duct Blaster Diagnostics

Individuals are provided training in  the procedures and criteria for duct testing and shell testing and sealing.  Students will understand the operation of various testing equipment and how to complete required forms.  The focus will be on the ‘Whole House’ approach to testing and installation

Combustion Appliances Safety

The training provides individuals with an in-depth understanding of Combustion Appliance Safety (CAS) inspections and testing, including identification of hazardous conditions and required repairs.  Participants will demonstrate the proper CAS inspection and testing on residential combustion appliances and completion of required records and forms.


The Weatherization Training Center has received recognition as an approved provider for both state and federal program, as well as being a Building Performance Institute affiliate.


Certification is available in Basic Weatherization, Duct testing and Blower Door Diagnostics, and Combustion Appliance Safety on the state level, as well as federal level certifications of Weatherization Installer Technician, Energy Auditor, and Crew Chief.