About Green College Initiative

In fall 2006, Los Angeles Trade-Technical College’s College Council approved the adoption of a Green College Initiative which is comprised of four, focused activity areas:  green built environment, clean and green campus, public awareness, and green education and training programs as follows.


The vision of the Green College Initiative is to eliminate the impact of the College on the environment, set an example for current and future generations that environmental quality is essential to long-term well being, and provide an informed citizenry and trained workforce for contributing to a sustainable future for Los Angeles.

To accomplish the vision, the College’s facilities are built and renovated and its departments are operated in an ecological and resource-efficient manner and the College’s educational programs are designed to provide an educated public and a workforce with the requisite skills and expertise for green occupations and industries in Los Angeles.

Four Focus Activity Areas of the Green College Initiative

1. Built Environment

The built environment activity focuses on the adoption and implementation of built environment policies and practices to ensure college facilities are designed, built, renovated, operated, or reused in an ecological and resource-efficient manner.

2. Clean and Green Campus

The Clean and Green campus activity focuses on the adoption and implementation of policies and practices that meet “clean and green” and “green certified’ standards such as using environmentally preferable cleaning products/practices, conserving water, composting, implementing pollution prevention measures, and reducing the amount and/or toxicity of materials entering the waste stream prior to recycling or disposal through waste prevention practices such as electronic work processes, buying products with less packaging, purchasing remanufactured products, and buying copiers that print double-sided.

3. Public Awareness

The public awareness activity focuses on conducting events that increase public/community awareness and participation in green activities.  Los Angeles Trade-Technical College enrolls approximately 30,000 students each year.  By engaging students in green events within 4 years over 100,000 people would be exposed to environmental issues and green policies and practices which could significantly impact their environmental opinions and actions and in turn increase the expansion of the green economy.  In addition to student events, the college also conducts events to raise the awareness of sustainability throughout the community we serve.

4. Green Education and Training Programs

The green education and training program activity focuses on integrating green course content and curriculum in existing courses and certificate and degree programs and creating new training/education programs for high growth, high-demand, and emerging green-related industries and occupations.  For more information on green education and training programs at the college click here.