Education and Training

An integral activity of the LATTC Green College Initiative is that of integrating green course content and curriculum in existing courses and certificate and degree programs and creating new training/education programs for high growth, high-demand, and emerging green-related industries and occupations.

Click here for a brochure of the green education and training programs at the college.

Below is a synopsis of the clean and green certificate and degree programs and courses at the college with documents that more fully describe them.

Clean and Green Degree and Certification Programs

Fourteen (14) clean and green certificate and/or degree programs have been developed and are being offered as follows:

1. Hybrid & Electric Plug-In Vehicle Technology Certificate of Achievement

2. Renewable Energy AS Degree with Emphasis in Solar Thermal*

3. Solar Thermal Installation and Maintenance Technician Certificate of Achievement*

4. Renewable Energy AS Degree with Emphasis in Solar PV*

5. Solar PV Installation and Maintenance Technician Certificate of Achievement* [Program Brochure]

6. Renewable Energy AS Degree with Emphasis in Energy Efficiency*

7. Weatherization and Energy Efficiency Certificate of Achievement

8. Energy Systems Technology Fundamentals Certificate of Achievement*

9. Renewable Energy Generation, Transmission, and Distribution AS Degree with Emphasis in Powerline Mechanic*

10. Powerline Mechanic Certificate of Achievement*

11. Utility Industry Fundamentals Certificate of Achievement*

12. Chemical Technology Certificate and AS Degree with an Emphasis in Environmental and Industrial Laboratory Testing

13. Supply Water Technology AS Degree with an Emphasis in Water Purification

14. Wastewater Technology AS Degree

Inventory of LATTC Green Programs and Courses (Including Those Being Offered in Current Semester)

The following document lists clean and green courses and programs offered at the college.  Included in the document are descriptions of each program and course, links to course outlines, and links to current semester course offerings. Click here for Current Green Degree/Certificate/Training Programs

Green Courses

The college offers over 50 courses incorporating clean and green content and these courses are offered as “stand alone” courses and/or as a series of courses leading to entry-level employment, to college certificates and degrees in such clean and green areas as:

  • Solar Photovoltaic
  • Solar Thermal
  • Sustainable Lighting
  • Renewable Energy
  • Green Building
  • Energy Efficiency & Energy Auditing
  • Alternative Fuels
  • Hybrid Vehicle Technology
  • Low-emission Vehicle Technology
  • Sustainable Design – Architecture
  • Sustainable Land-Use & Real Estate Development
  • Supply Water Technology – Water Purification
  • Wastewater Technology
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Environmental and Industrial Laboratory Testing – Chemical Technology

The following is a list of the all the disciplines at the college that have integrated green topics, content, and courses in its curriculum, click them for more information.

Green Jobs Short-Term Training Programs

The Division of Workforce and Economic Development is continuously developing and launching a number of green job, short-term training programs such as solar PV installer, solar water and pool heating systems, sustainable lighting technician, weatherization installer, and weatherization outreach specialist to name a few.  These trainings are often grant-funded and have special program eligibility requirements.  Interested individuals, including current LATTC students and the general public, can find out more about each training opportunity by clicking here to visit the Division’s job training web page.

On the job training web page, individuals can sign up to receive additional information about upcoming training opportunities.

Don’t Know Which Green Education and Training Programs and Courses to Choose?

If you just aren’t sure which green education and training program to choose because you need more information on green jobs, how many there are, where they are, what are the job requirements, if there are special certification requirements, the wages they pay and more….visit the green resources and toolbox page and refer to the Green Jobs and Green Workforce Development section for more information.