Green Competitive Advantage Guide

Defining Your College’s Competitive Advantage in the Emerging Green Economy:  A Blueprint for Building High Quality, Green Programs of Study

Whether your college is beginning to explore developing green programs of study, has a number of grant-funded green training programs and must decide if and how to sustain them, or has well-established green programs of study and is exploring developing more, the process for determining the best course of action involves careful consideration of a number of factors to maximize program success and sustainability.  Building upon experiences at LA Trade Tech, theDefining Your College’s Competitive Advantage in the Emerging Green Economy: A How-to-Guide to Building High Quality, Strategic Green Programs of Study”, outlines a strategic program development approach. The primary tool in this guide, The Competitive Advantage Analysis Tool, assesses key internal and external factors using data unique to each college presented graphically in a spider diagram which assists colleges in: identifying strengths and challenges, prioritizing green programs of study, and identifying strategies and next steps for program development. Also, while the focus of this guide is on green program of study development, the approach is one that is transferable to any workforce development program or initiative as an innovative strategy for developing high quality, programs of study.

Funding for the development of the Guide was generously provided by The Kresge Foundation, whose support and encouragement has been invaluable.  We appreciate the Foundation’s commitment to Los Angeles Trade-Technical College for disseminating best practices in the development of high quality, green programs of study and innovative postsecondary practices—particularly those aimed at historically disadvantaged populations.


Defining Your College’s Competitive Advantage: A Blueprint for Building High Quality Green Programs of Study – Full Guide

BLUEPRINT-Competitive Advantage Analysis Tool

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